Past Life regression
Past Life regression

Past-Life exploration with Julia Robinson, Hypnotherapist

woman with memories of a past life Our past informs our future

Each life explored is a unique and exciting adventure.


Typically many people seek to experience past life regression as an interest, others to find the cause of a problem.  Do you sometimes wonder where a certain habit, fear, or unusual behaviour came from? Do you ever get the feeling you have been here before? Deja vu? 

Past-life exploration can be a deep, exciting and moving experience that can unlock memories to other worlds; perhaps the world that you belonged in at an earlier time!


Some people will discover that they have shared a past life with someone they have a close bond with in their present life.  Have you ever just met a person and feel that you have known them all your life? Others are drawn to places and countries that they feel part of or just happen to know there way around even though they have never been there before.


The technique used in past life regression involves the client answering a number of questions and using visualisation procedures while hypnotised to reveal the identity and events of other lives. Hypnosis opens a window to the subconscious mind where a reservoir of memories of this life and past lives are stored.


Many have used this therapy to make changes in this life and leaving them free to live the desired life in the here and NOW!


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NB:  Past-life regression is a highly specialised area and it is strongly advised that you should only consult with a therapist who has been professionally trained in those techniques.

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