Groups of friends
Groups of friends

Group Hypnotherapy - achieve your aims with friends

Learn to change your life within the privacy of your own mind

Are you the type of person who would prefer to do your personal inner-explorations in the privacy of your own mind but with the support of working with like-minded people, and a teacher who is experienced and qualified?

Now you can Lose Weight, Quit Smoking break habits and rid yourself of unwanted and limiting beliefs, using the power of your mind: the Easy and Affordable Way, with Group Hypnosis

This is where 7th Path Self-Hypnosis ® comes into it’s own.


One of the wonderful things about the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis ® system is that once you have learnt this genetic powerful mind body and spiritual technique you can work on ALL of your issues or concerns at times to suit you.

Once you have worked on a variety of recognitions, in trance to empty the negative unwanted thoughts and behaviors, you can then use other powerful phrases that create ‘the law of attraction!’ The more you practice the stronger, empowered and more successful you will become.

In the group I will take you on a journey that will be intensified due to the numbers in the room while remaining completely personal to you. You will go on your own journey, changing your own patterns of stress, allowing your patterns to become more effective for you in the future.

I have experience of taking part as a member of such groups as well as now hosting and leading groups.  Because I have this experience I know that Group Hypnotherapy can be very effective and is definitely worth the experience. It's convenient - You can bring friends and family and all do it at once.

It's fun - And It's AFFORDABLE!


Participating with other people is half the fun.

Why not host a session, for 6 or more friends, and get your own session half price!

For more information on how to become successful,

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