Explore your inner feelings with hypnosis
Explore your inner feelings with hypnosis

The Secret Language of Feelings

As an experienced and qualified Hypnotherapist

I have helped many people take control of their lives and achieve their true potential.  A significant part of that process has been teaching them about the Secret Language of Feelings which was devised by Calvin D. Banyan as a rational approach to mastering our emotions.

We “feel” feelings in order to motivate us to make change.  


Our feelings are a natural source of guidance and if felt, understood and acted upon anxiety and stress can be reduced significantly and so confidence is built providing you with a new sense of direction.  The table below gives an indication of how this may work for you.


Emotional state - what we feel



What it is we seek, need, want or desire




To grow through challenge




To experience fairness for self and others.




To be fair to others




To keep valued things and people




To have a meaningful relationship





To feel good enough  





To have success in managing one’s life





To feel safe       





To meet needs through own efforts





To be effective and hopeful


Emotional problems occur when such feelings, or how we relate to them, are misunderstood.

The feelings may then be ignored and so distractors are formed. These distractors are usually unwanted behaviours.  For example smoking, over or under eating, alcohol and drug abuse, shopping too much, and so on.

How does the 'Feel Bad / Distract' cycle affect us and impact on our lives?

For instance, a person who is bored (feels a Bad feeling) may decide to eat some chocolate (Distractor). However, the bored feeling is the inner voice saying they need a new challenge.  It does not matter how much one eats the want needs and desires are left unfulfilled, but an emotional attachment has been made therefore Bored = Chocolate.


Another example, may be of a person experiencing a stressful situation, and reaches for another cigarette to help relieve the stress.  When the body’s own natural system is asking to take control of one’s own life therefore  Stress = Cigarette.


After each distracting behaviour (eating; drinking; shopping etc.) the cycle continues but collecting another bad feeling.  For example the person may then feel guilty for over eating, the smoker may feel angry at taking another cigarette.


Sometimes the attachment was made so long ago and embedded into the subconscious mind. I then use a unique form of hypnosis to find the cause and neutralise it leaving you to live the life free from old feelings and limited beliefs.

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