Pull the weeds out by their roots with 5 PATH hypnosis
Pull the weeds out by their roots with 5 PATH hypnosis

5-PATH ® a systematic approach to Hypnotherapy

Pulling out the problem by the root Deal with the root cause

"A  5-PATH ® Hypnotherapist can go far beyond what other therapists can do." Calvin D Banyan

5-PATH® is one of the most advanced and powerful techniques that a trained therapist can use to help you quickly and positively make changes in your life for the better.  

When you work with a fully certified 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist, as I am, you are working with one of the best trained hypnotists in the world!

What can 5-PATH ® do for you?

5-PATH ® Hypnosis is all about quickly getting to the root of the problem.

It is a unique, powerful, advanced therapy that finds, neutralises and releases the root cause of the issue that is causing you concern.  


If you can imagine finding a old cup that had been buried, this cup is full off old soil, if you were to tip water into this cup some may trickle through while most will spill over. 5-PATH works by emptying the cup first then it is empty to refill with the new positive suggestion that will enable you to change your life path for the better.


This helps you to overcome some of the toughest difficulties. Ridding yourself of misunderstood feelings Leaving you free from self-limiting beliefs and old habits. This is all done in a calm and gentle manner and leaves you free to reach your goals and live the life that you were meant or want to live.


Your hypnotherapy session will be tailor made to you. Your therapist will know how to match and combine the right techniques for you so to maximise results.

We will work together on finding the cause of the problem and eliminating it in a gentle way.


Removing the root (or emptying the cup) of the problem and when there is the room we put in the new suggestions on the area you want to improve, (weight management, stopping smoking, reducing stress, anxiety, and even depression and many more) this then gives long term and even permanent success.


Your 5-PATH ® therapist can also help you with issues of internal conflict. For example a smoker who wants to stop but fears they will miss the cigarettes or are fearful of gaining weight. Or the over eater who will miss the social meals.


Each session will be conducted professionally and in the strictest of confidence.

Some background to 5-PATH® Hypnosis

5-PATH ® was developed as a result of thousands of hours of work with hypnosis and hypnotherapy clients and the integration of techniques taught by some of the master teachers in the profession of hypnotism.

If you have any further questions or about how 5-PATH ®can help you please call for a free and confidential chat.


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