Image represeting the mental turmoil of abuse
Image represeting the mental turmoil of abuse

Hypnotherapy for Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse survivors


  • Did somebody hurt you?

  • Did somebody harm your body or batter your emotions?

  • Did somebody invade you?



Feeling safe and secure is a primary need of all humans, however after experiencing physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse it can rob you of these primary needs and leave you feeling, isolation, untrusting of others or self.  

After abuse has happened many will try to push the uncomfortable feelings deep down inside of them, pretend it never happened.

For the short to medium term this may be helpful.  However, in many cases uncomfortable feelings start to surface.  This then leads to distracting from the feelings inside that you just don’t like. 


Many people use a number of coping distracters. For instance, eating too much, drinking too much, drugs, smoking, gambling etc to distract from those negative feelings.

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