Man smoking his last cigarrette before quitting smoking with hypnotherapy
Man smoking his last cigarrette before quitting smoking with hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

If you want permanent results from smoking without the side effect of gaining weight or becoming irritable and grouchy then you have come to the right therapist.

Most my clients confess to smoking when they feel, stressed, angry, sad, lonely, anxious and worried.  I work with those feelings that drive you to pick up the tobacco. 


I teach you how to release these feelings, quickly and effectively get to the bottom of the feelings resolve the deep rooted issues so that when the cigarette is taken away you will not need to cover up the negative emotions with food or other substances.

Hypnosis is a highly effective tool for change and for altering lifelong patterns. Hypnosis can allow you to resolve your issues surrounding tobacco (chew or marijuana) at the source in the deep levels of your being, the subconscious, where you hold your lifelong patterns, beliefs, fears, memories and motivations.


My intent is to lead you to your own inner source of wisdom and allow you to take back full control of what you want and need in your life, and become the permanent non smoker.

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