Bereavement can feel so lonely
Bereavement can feel so lonely

Grief, Loss, Bereavement & Hypnosis

Loss is inevitable…how you respond to it is optional

Whether you’ve lost a parent, a child, a spouse or a beloved animal, the pain can be excruciating. The feelings are a natural, it is your mind body and soul responding to the love that you shared and now its gone and out of your control.

However it can become unhealthy and counterproductive if it persists for an inappropriate period of time.  Thus disabling you from living the life you have come here to live. Some people go through depression and anxiety, while others hold on to overwhelming feelings of sadness and dispair.


Whether you lose a loved one, a relationship or a job or a pet most people feel some degree of grief when such an event occurs. Most commonly, the feeling of loneliness, sadness, guilty, angry, denial and concern for the future can be emotionally devastating.

Hypnotherapy with Julia is a very powerful tool that can help you relieve the intense pain and ease your grief in your heart and soul.  

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