Breaking the chains of addiction with clinical hypnosis
Breaking the chains of addiction with clinical hypnosis

Conquer Addictive Behaviors with Hypnosis

Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Food Addictions, Hoarding, Obsessive Thoughts, etc.

I will provide an overview of hypnosis and address the techniques and practices that have proven helpful to those who are struggling with addictive behaviors.

The addictive behavior is a symptom of an underlying cause which needs to be addressed before the healing process can truly begin. 

Negative behaviors that bother you are usually a distraction from unpleasant feelings

Perhaps it is a way to cope with stress. This distraction behaviour can rapidly develop into a viscious circle if it is not dealt with effectively


Hypnotherapy guides you through a self-awareness process that allows you to ‘reframe’ how you feel about whatever the addiction is to (smoking, alcohol, drugs, food, hoarding, obsessive thoughts, etc.) so that you no longer feel deprived or cheated in some way

Call me for a free and confidential telephone consultation and I will explain why the hypnotherapy I provide is the most complete systematic method for healing.

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